Midnight Blueberry (Sleep) Gummies 5:1 – Camino


Step into a soothing state of mind with the midnight kiss of our Camino Blueberry Gummies. Crafted by the local experts at the California Street Cannabis Company, these small but mighty morsels promise a tranquil journey to the realm of sleep. Each gummy delivers a careful blend of 5mg THC and 1mg CBN, a duo designed to lull you into a peaceful slumber. For those looking into microdosing, these gummies ensure a low dose delight to your evening regime. Camino equals “road” in Spanish, representing not just a product, but a path leading to a state of mind, a serene getaway. Imagine settling into a snug lake cabin, letting all your worries evaporate into the ether of a starlit night. These midnight blueberry gummies embody that tranquillity, enhanced with relaxing terpenes, a dash of soothing chamomile, and a whisper of calming lavender. The restful impact of these gummies gets amplified by the addition of a powerful comrade – CBN. Proudly nestled in San Francisco, the California Street Cannabis Company also takes immense pride in supporting the local Northern California farming community. Our promise is quality, delivered through our extensive array of cannabis products. Many of these come directly from the verdant green fields of the legendary Emerald Triangle, a short distance away from our own locale. Truly representative of what a San Francisco dispensary can and should be, California Street celebrates locally grown, locally owned cannabis. Submerge your senses in the tranquility of our Camino Midnight Blueberry Gummies today.


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